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[ KOREAN ISSUE, KOREAN HOT ISSUES NEWS ] The latest Korean issue within a month Keyword. (Translated and readable.) 2022, based on Big Data.

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DATEs – 2022. Feb. 1

MI-04882022. 2. 1the Lunar New yearOn my way home on New Year’s Day…Resolved at 2-3am on the 2nd.500,000+
MI-04892022. 2. 1My goodness.Will it be a nuisance to let people know about liver cancer?” Oh, my. I hid it until the end.50,000+
MI-04902022. 2. 1Son Ye-jinSon Yejin in the movie… Will it be possible to treat a sad disease” in which the whole family suffers?10,000+
MI-04912022. 2. 1Japan, Saudi Arabia.Japan, Saudi Arabia…Group B World Cup finals, “Dumbfounded”.10,000+
MI-04922022. 2. 1New Year’s greetings.ENHYPEN, New Year’s greetings…”I hope you go back to your daily life as soon as possible”.10,000+
MI-04932022. 2. 1rice-cake soupIt’s been a while since I had Tteokguk.Even during the Lunar New Year holidays, medical staff at screening clinics, “Bead Sweat”.5,000+
MI-04942022. 2. 1Fake death.When Oh Jeongyeon died, “You kept liver cancer a secret…”I regret not being able to contact you…5,000+
MI-04952022. 2. 1Shin Haechul.Reactions to the wills of Shin Ha-yeon X Shin Dong-won and the late Shin Hae-cheol.5,000+
MI-04962022. 2. 1The sleeves are red.[Comprehensive] Lee Seyoung, “Love from San-duk, I’m so upset”. → Actors in the best scene with sleeves…5,000+
MI-04972022. 2. 1Original voice.[Comprehensive] Song Ga In → Jinsung, the hidden DNA of the star family.5,000+
MI-04982022. 2. 1Lee Junseok.Lee Junseok. “Lee Jaemyung’s pledge, for Chinese companies…”” “Fact-distorted agitation”.5,000+
MI-04992022. 2. 1TigerNa Sung-beom, who joined the Tiger Corps, “Hwang Na-Choi’s batting line that came true.” [O! SPORTS]5,000+
MI-05002022. 2. 1SoccerRadio Generation Jung Da-kyung reveals her hobby in soccer. “Go for the defensive position”.2,000+
MI-05012022. 2. 1Ice Road.[New Year’s special movie] The plot of “Sinkhole” and “Ice Road”.2,000+
MI-05022022. 2. 1Im In-nyeon.App service “5 Best” to help you achieve your new year’s goals.2,000+
MI-05032022. 2. 1Korea, Syria.Everyone predicts Korea’s dominance, but…Syria has always been tricky.2,000+

DATEs – 2022. JAN. 31

MI-04812022. 1. 31Song Hae.This is my life. Song Hae’s life history.20,000+
MI-04822022. 1. 31Rafael Nadal.What’s the result of 20 years of sponsorship?10,000+
MI-04832022. 1. 31Superman is back.Superman is Back by Baek Sung-hyun’s wife (wife) Who? Interested in age and job ↑10,000+
MI-04842022. 1. 31Yi So-yeonAnyway, “Going to work” Lee Soyeon acknowledged her past academic background…”It’s not about prostitution”.5,000+
MI-04852022. 1. 31Lee Hyo-riLee Hyo-ri and Kim Tae-ho’s “Seoul Check-in”, three times the total number of Tving fees ↑5,000+
MI-04862022. 1. 31Sinkhole.Mogadishu, sinkhole, hostage…Summer masterpiece, New Year’s small screen.5,000+
MI-04872022. 1. 31Lee Bongjoo.I don’t faint easily.2,000+

DATEs – 2022. JAN. 30

MI-0472 2022-Jan-30 Nadal. Nadal became the 21st king of a major tournament after 5 hours and 24 minutes of bloody battle. 5,000+
MI-0473 2022-Jan-30 Greenwood. [My Daily = London reporter Yuju] English Premier League (EPL)… 5,000+
MI-0474 2022-Jan-30 PGA 205 vs 206th list, the first PGA Tour title in 9 years since their debut. 5,000+
MI-0475 2022-Jan-30 Jung Eunji [Overall] “My Little Old Boy” by Jeong Eunji. “My Little Old Boy” can drink 3 or 4 bottles of soju.HEECHUL is not as… 2,000+
MI-0476 2022-Jan-30 Jungsaemmool. [Comprehensive] Jung Saem Mool from “Point of Omniscient Interfere”. “When Kim Taehee was a rookie, he offered to be in charge of makeup”. 2,000+
MI-0477 2022-Jan-30 Netflix ranking. K-Academic Zombie, “My School Now” is the world’s No. 1 on Netflix. 2,000+
MI-0478 2022-Jan-30 NINEWOO. How did the existing members react to the appearance of actor 9 in “1 Night 2 Days and 1 Night? 2,000+
MI-0479 2022-Jan-30 Sampyo Industry. I can’t rest during the holidays and die while working…”Sampyo Industrial is a murder company. 2,000+
MI-0480 2022-Jan-30 Lee Dongjoon. Lee Dongjoon joined Hertha Berlin in the German Bundesliga. 2,000+

DATEs – 2022. JAN. 29

MI-0459 2022-Jan-29 Seo Yejin. He stumbles, “XX, it hurts” to the police…Seo Yejin, the situation when you were caught drunk driving. 20,000+
MI-0460 2022-Jan-29 Youngtak. Singer Youngtak, who is falling due to various controversies, may go to the prosecution. 20,000+
MI-0461 2022-Jan-29 Mbc Two-way discussion negotiations failed again. “Theme Discussion” VS “Free Discussion”. 10,000+
MI-0462 2022-Jan-29 The winner of the 1000th lottery. The winner of the 1000th Lotto, 2, 8, 19, 22, 32, 42…Bonus number 39. 10,000+
MI-0463 2022-Jan-29 LEE JUNHO. Junho, Seyoung, and Deokhwa…Lunar New Year Special, “Hold the red end of your sleeves.” 10,000+
MI-0464 2022-Jan-29 Park Jihoo. Han Jimin X Park Jihoo. The world’s sweet two shot.It looks like innocence. 5,000+
MI-0465 2022-Jan-29 Lee Yumi. Squid Game → “My School Now” Lee Yumi. She’s strong as a villain. 5,000+
MI-0466 2022-Jan-29 JUNG SANG BIN. Jeong Sangbin signed a contract with Wolverhampton.It’s the 15th time for a Korean player to advance to the EPL. 5,000+
MI-0467 2022-Jan-29 SONG MINO. Austria Imperial Exhibition…WINNER became a world-renowned artist. 5,000+
MI-0468 2022-Jan-29 Huh Kyungyoung. Heo Management’s application for provisional injunction against broadcasting of “Four-way Discussion” is dismissed 2,000+
MI-0469 2022-Jan-29 Cha Ye-ryeon. Cha Ye-ryeon, Debt To Controversy 언급 Mentioned…”It’s been 15 years since I’ve seen you” (‘Benefaction to the Korean Peninsula’) 2,000+
MI-0470 2022-Jan-29 Kim Jungsoo. [LCK] Before the Nongshimjeon, Director Kim Jungsoo’s roaster was canceled. 2,000+
MI-0471 2022-Jan-29 Byun Sangwook. 11 YTN reporters criticized, “Anchor Byun Sangwook, don’t show swear words and leave YTN”. 2,000+

DATEs – 2022. JAN. 28

MI-0443 2022-Jan-28 Right now, our school… Ha Seung Ri tries acting for the first time on Netflix’s “My School Now”. 20,000+
MI-0444 2022-Jan-28 Right now, our school… Ha Seung Ri tries acting for the first time on Netflix’s “My School Now”. 10,000+
MI-0445 2022-Jan-28 Rafael Nadal. Rafael Nadal advances to the Australian Open finals…You can be the star of the first “Grand Slam 21”. 10,000+
MI-0446 2022-Jan-28 Sports A sports star born of an affair, and touch at a bar… I was surprised to see netizens. 10,000+
MI-0447 2022-Jan-28 KOSPI. KOSPI rose in six trading days…Keep the 2,600-point level with a rebound in the afternoon. 5,000+
MI-0448 2022-Jan-28 Kim Juyeol. [Comprehensive] Death of patriotic martyr Kim Juyeol who changed the country of “Kkokkomu”…Based on Masan March 15, → 4… 5,000+
MI-0449 2022-Jan-28 April. April disbanded after 6 years of debut…”Decided after a long discussion”. 5,000+
MI-0450 2022-Jan-28 Han Ga-in Han Ga-in, “The worst compatibility with Yeon Jeong-hoon, he’s scared of me…” Nose and eyes that are hard to come out of Korea… 5,000+
MI-0451 2022-Jan-28 AMD I crossed the 9th ridge of acquiring AMD Xylings.China’s “conditional approval.” 5,000+
MI-0452 2022-Jan-28 HEECHUL. Kim Heechul, “It was a sensual archaeopteryx beyond Sung Jinwoo and Park Jinyoung” (Hit song of the 20th century). 5,000+
MI-0453 2022-Jan-28 Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education. The Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education passed the central investment review of the Ministry of Education’s “four new schools.” 2,000+
MI-0454 2022-Jan-28 Kim Jae Won To Lee Junseok and Kim Jaewon, “You have to act heavy like a mountain”…Request to take a detour from running away. 2,000+
MI-0455 2022-Jan-28 Lee Dongjoon. [Exclusive] “Ulsan striker” Lee Dongjoon, Germany’s Hertha Berlin, “About to transfer”. 2,000+
MI-0456 2022-Jan-28 Here. Due to the surge in delivery orders…Yogiyo delivery man is waiting on the street. 2,000+
MI-0457 2022-Jan-28 Hong Hyunhee. Pregnant Hong Hyunhee “Curious about the visuals of the 2nd generation…”I want to give birth to a son (golden side) 2,000+
MI-0458 2022-Jan-28 Carbon Neutral Practice Point. Mokpo-si, please participate in the carbon neutral practice. | On the news. 2,000+

DATEs – 2022. JAN. 27

MI-0426 2022-Jan-27 LG Energy Solution. LG Energy Solution, 2nd place in market capitalization despite failure. 50,000+
MI-0427 2022-Jan-27 Korea, Lebanon. Where is the Korea-Levanon broadcast? Hwang Ui-jo and Cho Gyu-sung are the top two. 20,000+
MI-0428 2022-Jan-27 FOMC I can’t see the floor.Domestic stock market frozen by hawkish FOMC 20,000+
MI-0429 2022-Jan-27 Jung Changwook. Chef Jung Changwook’s verbal abuse video will be released.Victims. “Suspecting the sincerity of the apple”. 20,000+
MI-0430 2022-Jan-27 KBS KBS will broadcast all Korean athletes at the Beijing Olympics. 20,000+
MI-0431 2022-Jan-27 Jungkyungsim. The conviction of Jeong Gyeong-sim, who sounded alarm over “corruption in entrance exams,” was confirmed.” 20,000+
MI-0432 2022-Jan-27 Han Donghun. Han Donghun – Yoo Si-min face to face in court… “Yoo Si-min, false statement to retaliate against his country’s investigation”. 5,000+
MI-0433 2022-Jan-27 RTX 3050 ASUS, ROG STrix, ASUS Dual, ASUS Phoenix series NVIDIA… 5,000+
MI-0434 2022-Jan-27 Lee Geumhee. Lee Geumhee “I wanted to get married 잠수 Break up…”My ideal type is Jung Woosung. 2,000+
MI-0435 2022-Jan-27 Singer [THE BELLS] I’m Media Recruiting Singer Lee Seungchul for “Torture”…Enter IP. 2,000+
MI-0436 2022-Jan-27 Yoo Ah-in Yoo Ah In and Choi Haneul, your best friend…”You lost so much weight. 2,000+
MI-0437 2022-Jan-27 Mobile driver’s license. Mobile driver’s license test issue…July, nationwide expansion. 2,000+
MI-0438 2022-Jan-27 Hwang Heechan. No.26 Hwang Heechan. Wolverhampton’s transfer gift on his 26th birthday. 2,000+
MI-0439 2022-Jan-27 3050 ASUS, ROG STrix, ASUS Dual, ASUS Phoenix series NVIDIA… 2,000+
MI-0440 2022-Jan-27 Jomin. When Jo Min cancels his admission to Pusan National University, discuss whether to deprive him of his doctor’s license. 2,000+
MI-0441 2022-Jan-27 Kang Seokwoo. Kang Seokwoo, “I can’t read after the 3rd vaccination”. Getting off the radio show for 6 years. 2,000+
MI-0442 2022-Jan-27 Youth Hope Savings. If you add 500,000 won per month, you’ll get 360,000 won more.There’s a youth-free installment savings account. 2,000+

DATEs – 2022. JAN. 26

MI-0416 2022-Jan-26 Song Hae. [Newsmaker] Song Hae. 10,000+
MI-0417 2022-Jan-26 COVID-19. How is COVID-19 “Viation of Concern” born? 10,000+
MI-0418 2022-Jan-26 EcoPro BM. EcoPro BM plunged 19% to detect stock insider trading. 5,000+
MI-0419 2022-Jan-26 confirmed case If the spread does not slow down, 50,000 to 100,000 confirmed patients a day in two weeks…4 weeks later, I’ll be in critical condition. 5,000+
MI-0420 2022-Jan-26 Lee Siyoung. [Travel news] Lee Siyoung became Swiss ambassador. 5,000+
MI-0421 2022-Jan-26 BC Card. A credit card specializing in games has come out.BC Card. Card for “Lost Ark”. 2,000+
MI-0422 2022-Jan-26 Song Yoona. Song Yoon-ah, a story about a sudden request for blood donation…Manager, cerebral hemorrhage after the 3rd vaccination. 2,000+
MI-0423 2022-Jan-26 Kim Bo-kyung Goal Girl Superstar Kim Bo Kyung joins FC Top Girl. “I feel alive playing soccer.” 2,000+
MI-0424 2022-Jan-26 Song Young Gil. Kim Jong Min and Song Young Gil’s “86 Yong Retro Theory,” which only revealed discord. 2,000+
MI-0425 2022-Jan-26 Kingmaker. Kingmaker director Byun Sung-hyun said, “The previous work was burdensome. It’s better than “The Bullish”… 2,000+

DATEs – FROM 2022. JAN. 25 – TO 2022. JAN. 25

MI-04062022-Jan-25Lee Kyu Hyuk.Marry Son Dambi and Lee Kyu Hyuk in May…Becoming a bride on a spring day.10,000+
MI-04072022-Jan-25Jung Changwook.Jung Changwook, drunk driving → charges of special assault…Exposure ignition. [Comprehensive]5,000+
MI-04082022-Jan-25Jang Yongjun.Jang Yongjun. “Get out of my way, Sae-X”. Arrested in court.5,000+
MI-04092022-Jan-25SeAH Best Steel.SeAH Besteel, who gave up the life of a sexually harassed worker, and the late apology and resignation of the person in charge.5,000+
MI-04102022-Jan-25TQQQSeohak Ant’s Return Emergency…If you lose 12% on NASDAQ, you’ll bet 3x leverage.5,000+
MI-04112022-Jan-25UAEMinistry of Foreign Affairs condemns Yemen rebels’ attack on UAE missile…”Terrorism can’t be tolerated”.2,000+
MI-04122022-Jan-25NASDAQ JISOO.Roller coaster ahead of FOMC Big Tech’s performance on the New York Stock Exchange…Nasdaq 0.63%↑2,000+
MI-04132022-Jan-25CHANSUNG.Hwang Chansung, bride-to-be is 8 years older…Getting ready to get married while prenatal care.2,000+
MI-04142022-Jan-25JEONG JI HOON.Ghost Doctor Jung Jihoon → Kim Beom. “If you don’t want to do it, I won’t go in. You’re the best”.2,000+
MI-04152022-Jan-25Park Jihyun.Heart Signal 3 controversy over Park Jihyun and Song Jiah…”Prove that you’re a medical student”.2,000+

DATEs – FROM 2022. JAN. 24 – TO 2022. JAN. 24

MI-03912022-Jan-24Tottenham.You said Tottenham is the best talent, but you gave up on the content… “I don’t want to say”.20,000+
MI-03922022-Jan-24Son Seokhee.Son Seokhee’s son passed the press conference… MBC’s “I didn’t even know who my parents were.10,000+
MI-03932022-Jan-24Hwang Uijo.Bordeaux Hwang Ui-jo, Hetrick…Breaking the record for the highest score in Asia in the French League.10,000+
MI-03942022-Jan-24UFC[Video] UFC heavyweight Francis Nganu KO. [Highlight]10,000+
MI-03952022-Jan-24LPGAPark In-bee ranked 8th in the LPGA opening game. “I’m satisfied with the top 10 in the first competition”.10,000+
MI-03962022-Jan-24Lee Seung-giLee Seung Gi’s “We’re discussing the positives of appearing on ‘Love As You Wish’.” [Official]10,000+
MI-03972022-Jan-24Park Seyoung.Actors Park Seyoung and Kwak Jungwook get married in February… Rebellious and exemplary couple.5,000+
MI-03982022-Jan-24Nasdaq.Hi Investment & Securities said, “Nasdaq plunge, abstinence from drinking is at a critical moment.””The KOSPI’s fall will be small.”5,000+
MI-03992022-Jan-24Ukraine.U.S. Embassy staff in Ukraine ordered their families to withdraw.5,000+
MI-04002022-Jan-24KOSPI.The Chinese and Japanese markets rebounded…Korea KOSPI alone collapsed 2,800 in 13 months.5,000+
MI-04012022-Jan-24Lee Hakju.Fate in the past is the biggest burden. The reason Lotte had Lee Hak-joo.2,000+
MI-04022022-Jan-24Cha Junhwan.Cha Junhwan wins the Four Continents Championships for the first time in Korean men’s figure skating history.2,000+
MI-04032022-Jan-24Russia, Ukraine.I’m worried about invading Russia and Ukraine.What about the local atmosphere?2,000+
MI-04042022-Jan-24Manchester City.Shock No extension of Manchester City, and Guardiola’s love call for the Dutch national team.2,000+
MI-04052022-Jan-24FOMCFinancial market “floating” on the border of FOMC…Stock price and won value fall together2,000+

DATEs – FROM 2022. JAN. 23 – TO 2022. JAN. 23

MI-03892022-Jan-23Ngannu CyrilFrancis Ngane beat Cyrilgane to defend UFC heavyweight title.20,000+
MI-03902022-Jan-23LCKThe 2nd week of 2022 LCK Spring…Damwon Kia, who was caught up in Nongshim.10,000+

DATEs – FROM 2022. JAN. 22 – TO 2022. JAN. 22

MI-03712022-Jan-22Park Shin-hyeMarry Choi Taejun by Park Shinhye, a three-color wedding dress…Which brand?20,000+
MI-03722022-Jan-22EarthquakeThe magnitude 6.2 earthquake in southern Alaska…Japan also avoids earthquakes.20,000+
MI-03732022-Jan-22Lotto 999th episode winning number.The winner of the 999th lottery, +1, will be revealed.20,000+
MI-03742022-Jan-22Bitcoin.Bitcoin plunges on prospects for a fall in US NASDAQ and a rise in interest rates.20,000+
MI-03752022-Jan-22Jang Yunjeong.[Overall] LEE JONG HYUK from Liberation Town, liberation from the world → JANG YUN JEONG, inviting his beloved junior, “5 photos”.20,000+
MI-03762022-Jan-22Evelyn.Controversy over flight attendant lookbook. Evelyn, “Even if a dog barks, the train will go.” Blaming Femi.10,000+
MI-03772022-Jan-22Seo Jung Hee.Seo Jung-hee from “A Divorce with Se-won”, bawling while singing…It’s an unprecedented situation. Why?10,000+
MI-03782022-Jan-22Do Kyungwan.Do Kyungwan Jang Yunjeong “Yeonwoo and Hayoung, you’re my child, but I hate you at times like this.” (“Forsythia…”10,000+
MI-03792022-Jan-22Nasdaq.Fears of interest rates and poor performance…NASDAQ, “The Worst Departure” in 14 days.5,000+
MI-03802022-Jan-22running manLee Hyun, Song Haena, Irene, and “Running Man” made them laugh again.5,000+
MI-03812022-Jan-22Rain.B.O. and AOMG’s new artist featured in the new song.It’ll be released on the 24th.5,000+
MI-03822022-Jan-22Crew lookbook.Crew lookbook YouTuber, “I got to know the identity of Femi, a group obsessed with victim delusions.”5,000+
MI-03832022-Jan-22Kang Yewon.[Comprehensive] Song Jia on “Knowing Bros”. There was no editing on “Fake Controversy”.”Goddess of Hanyang University…”5,000+
MI-03842022-Jan-22Song Hae.Song Hae didn’t attend the “National Singing Contest” recording.”It’s not a big health problem”.5,000+
MI-03852022-Jan-22Ivy.[Overall] Saturday Tae’s debut ceremony for “Hangout with Yoo”.A perfect performance by Nonoo, Ivy, and Sung Sikyung.2,000+
MI-03862022-Jan-22Bearstown.Pocheon-si, Bearstown Lift. “Estimated machine failure”.2,000+
MI-03872022-Jan-22The twins from Sookmyung Girls’ High School.[Court B-cut] Sookmyung Girls’ High School twins. The court responded to the scream.2,000+
MI-03882022-Jan-22Jo Haeju.President Moon, Jo Hae-ju’s acceptance…Turning to internal criticism from the opposition party and the National Election Commission.2,000+

DATEs – FROM 2022. JAN. 01 – TO 2022. JAN. 21

No.DateCrucial KeywordContent SummorizedSourcesSearch volume.
MI-03702022-Jan-21Moldova.Winning consecutive games without a European…Team Bento won 4-0 in the Moldova warm-up match.Hankook Ilbo 20,000+
MI-03692022-Jan-21Edirin.BJ Edirin, threatening her boyfriend’s sexual intercourse video, revealing assault, “Please break up”.Top Star News 20,000+
MI-03682022-Jan-21UFCEunganu, “Sparing Partner” Gane and UFC heavyweight integrated title match.Chosun Ilbo 10,000+
MI-03672022-Jan-21Netflix shares…Netflix’s stock price plunged 41% in two months.ZD Net Korea 5,000+
MI-03662022-Jan-21Acro Seoul Forest.The cause of the arc-row forest vibration is… “presumption that it is due to internal activities.” Always…Chosun Beads 5,000+
MI-03652022-Jan-21LPGAPark In-bee tied for seventh on the second day of the LPGA opening game. Nelly Corda is the sole leader.Hankook Ilbo 5,000+
MI-03642022-Jan-21EcoPro BM.[Note] Eco-Pro BM, a 7% drop after-hours due to the news of a factory fire.Chosun Beads 5,000+
MI-03632022-Jan-21SUNMI.[Tuk-TV] Sunye, as expected, the motif of “Mom is an Idol”…”Tears” thanks to Park Jinyoung X Sunmi’s support.Maeil Economy 2,000+
MI-03622022-Jan-21Jeon Jongseo.Jeon Jongseo, Poongman Glamour, was it this bad?You got prettier after dating!Munhwa Ilbo 2,000+
MI-03612022-Jan-20Lee Ha-neePregnant Park Shin-hye and Lee Han-ni → “Overcoming the 9-year-old gap” Soyeon and Andy, congratulations on their marriage.Money Today 20,000+
MI-03602022-Jan-20Gaspar Ulriel.Director Kim Jiwoon, commemorating the late Gaspar Ulriel, “Maybe we worked together by now”.Maeil Economy 20,000+
MI-03592022-Jan-20Ban Min Jeong.We need a cool-headed perspective on the determination of the imprisonment with labor by Ban Min-jeong and Cho Deok-je.Hankook Ilbo 10,000+
MI-03582022-Jan-20Premier League.Manchester United won 300 Premier League away games.Manchester United 10,000+
MI-03572022-Jan-20Yang Jeongsook.Rep. Yang Jeong-sook in violation of the Election Act, a fine of KRW 3 million for invalidation of election in the first trial.Chosun Ilbo 10,000+
MI-03562022-Jan-20EPLOrsha, who played in Ulsan and Jeonnam, is about to enter the EPL.Chosun Ilbo 5,000+
MI-03552022-Jan-20Taejong Lee Bangwon.Animal rights group “Taejong Lee Bang-won” has been accused of verbal abuse one after another.National petition.Hankyoreh 5,000+
MI-03542022-Jan-20Yang Jieun.Yang Ji-eun was appointed as a goodwill ambassador for the prevention of school violence by the Jeju Police Agency.Jeju teenagers…Media pen 5,000+
MI-03532022-Jan-20As a result of subscription for LG Energy Solution subscription result.From the announcement of the subscription results for LG Energy Solution to the representative beneficiaries of LG Energy Solution…Geumgang Ilbo 2,000+
MI-03522022-Jan-20Mom’s Touch.Mom’s Touch, which chose “voluntary mourning,” saw its stock price soar 18% in a day (comprehensive)Chosun Beads 2,000+
MI-03512022-Jan-20Jeong Youngjoo.Radio Star Jung Youngjoo said, “I’ve been living like a nuisance due to a ruptured vocal cords. I’ve come to my senses thanks to my son”.Maeil Economy 2,000+
MI-03502022-Jan-20Werwein.Miracle Director Bergwijn and Son Heungmin’s excessive(?) excitement made them laugh.Chosun Ilbo 2,000+
MI-03492022-Jan-20Hong Joon PyoHong Joon Pyo “The agreement to join the election camp is unilaterally destroyed”.Hankyoreh 2,000+
MI-03482022-Jan-20aboutKorea Electric Wire Co., Ltd. won 74 billion won worth of projects in Singapore.Today Energy 2,000+
MI-03472022-Jan-19Hyun-Bin[Oh! Time machine] “Ha Ji Won’s younger brother” Jeon Tae Soo died of depression → deported Amy…Chosun Ilbo 20,000+
MI-03462022-Jan-19UFCUFC Comier, “CHANSUNG, it’s hard to beat the champion Volcanovsky”.Yonhap News Agency 10,000+
MI-03452022-Jan-19Compensation for loss of small business owners.From the 19th, 550,000 small business owners and small businesses apply for “pre-payment of loss compensation”Korea Policy Portal korea.kr 10,000+
MI-03442022-Jan-19Coupang Eats.It’s a low-speed expression. Coupang Eats, “Subcontract question”. Is that it?Hankyoreh 10,000+
MI-03432022-Jan-19Cho Hyunjin.[Photo] Breakup notification. Girlfriend killer Cho Hyunjin, prosecutor’s office.Seoul Shinmun 5,000+
MI-03422022-Jan-19Kwon Soonwoo.Kwon Soon-woo is eliminated from the 2R of the Australian Open after 4 hours and 25 minutes of struggle with 14th place in the world.Hankyoreh 5,000+
MI-03412022-Jan-19Master dual.The trend is dual? “Yu-Gi-Oh Master Dual,” which has risen rapidly in the popularity ranking of Steam.This is game 5,000+
MI-03402022-Jan-19Jung Cheongrae.Even controversy over Jung Cheongrae’s recommendation for “self-departure”… Why?Hankyoreh 5,000+
MI-03392022-Jan-19Shin Haechul.The late Shin Haechul’s daughter and son are confirmed to appear on “Capitalist School”.Media pen 2,000+
MI-03382022-Jan-19ChelseaTWOHEL’s Brighton from Porter who catches Chelsea. “Unbeaten three times”.Chosun Ilbo 2,000+
MI-03372022-Jan-18Blizzard.Blizzard took the lead in Metabus with the best acquisition.Hello, T 100,000+
MI-03362022-Jan-18Lee JaeMyung’s swearing file.Hwang Gyo Ik said, “Lee Jae Myung’s swearing file. If you haven’t heard it, make sure to listen to it.”Chosun Ilbo 20,000+
MI-03352022-Jan-18SillaJen.12 times higher than SillaJen delisting strand… Minority shareholders said, “Why couldn’t I filter it when I was listed?”Chosun Ilbo 20,000+
MI-03342022-Jan-18SRTSRT Seolbu Line ticket reservation rate is 78%Maeil Economy 10,000+
MI-03332022-Jan-18Lee Jae-myung’s beach rumor.[Exclusive] Lee Soojung. “Jaemyeong’s elder brother-in-law’s swear word. If it were now, it would be a crime”.Korea Economy 10,000+
MI-03322022-Jan-18Soyeon from T-ARA.T-ARA SOYEON by Cho Yumin. “Thank you for the wedding”.Maeil Economy 5,000+
MI-03312022-Jan-18Paul Star.Paul Star, who landed in Korea. “Based on the Korean electric vehicle market”.Hello, T 5,000+
MI-03302022-Jan-18Jomin.Cho Kuk’s daughter, Cho Min, failed to recruit additional residents of Gyeongsang National University Hospital.Maeil Economy 5,000+
MI-03292022-Jan-18An ghost inside.JTBC Lee Jungheon and YTN joined Ahn Gwi-ryeong Democratic Party…Current reporters said, “Media confidence has been broken…”Hankyoreh 5,000+
MI-03282022-Jan-18LG Energy Solution Competition RateLG Energy Solution’s “Article 114” is concentrated. Equal allocation subscribers Daishin and High Investment YuriChosun Beads 5,000+
MI-03272022-Jan-18Moon Night.MCU’s new hero, “Moon Night”, Disney+ launch in the first half of the year… Preview will be released.Chosun Ilbo 5,000+
MI-03262022-Jan-18Simplified year-end tax adjustment service.The National Tax Service has decided to allow some of the mass inquiries on the 20th for Hometax VAT reports.Maeil Economy 2,000+
MI-03252022-Jan-18Yoo Heekwan.Yoo Heekwan, retired from “Battery of the Soul”.Yang Euiji. “Amazing pitcher who broke prejudice”.Maeil Economy 2,000+
MI-03242022-Jan-18TSMCCompetition to secure semiconductor talent is heating up… Taiwan’s TSMC will pick 8,000 people this year.Chosun Beads 2,000+
MI-03232022-Jan-18Choi Yena.YE NA herself…YE NA’s solo album is different from IZ*ONE.Hankook Ilbo 2,000+
MI-03222022-Jan-18Korea National University of Broadcasting and Communications.Korea National University of Broadcasting and Communication held the 2022 International Remote Education Council Presidents’ Meeting.Financial News 2,000+
MI-03212022-Jan-17Subscribe to LG Energy Solution.LG Energy Solution’s competition rate reached 50:1 on the first morning of subscription.Chosun Beads 100,000+
MI-03202022-Jan-17Kim Keon Hee.Lee Junseok said, “Kim Gunhee said, ‘I feel bad for Ahn Heejung’. It’s hard to establish a second misunderstanding.”Hankyoreh 50,000+
MI-03192022-Jan-17KBSKBS’s presidential election show, Meet on Metabus…Geppetto World Map is open.NewsPim 50,000+
MI-03182022-Jan-17Freesia.Fake acceptance. Freesia, let alone missing subscribers, you’ve increased your subscribers. 2 million is just around the corner.Chosun Ilbo 50,000+
MI-03172022-Jan-17Year-end tax adjustmentIf you want to understand 100% about the year-end tax adjustment?Korea Policy Portal korea.kr 50,000+
MI-03162022-Jan-17National Tax Service.Hong Nam-ki ordered “Strict response to real estate tax evasion” to the National Tax Service.Korea Economy 20,000+
MI-03152022-Jan-17Jung Monggyu.HDC Group Chairman Chung Mong-kyu has started to secure shares amid falling stock prices.Today newspaper 10,000+
MI-03142022-Jan-17Good luck.King of palms, Master Chunghong, Master of Health…Yoon Seok Yeol and Kim Gun Hee, constant controversy over shamanism.Hankyoreh 10,000+
MI-03132022-Jan-17Kwon Soonwoo.Kwon Soonwoo finally won the Australian Open finals… After a neck-and-neck race, we’ll go to the 2nd round.Chosun Ilbo 10,000+
MI-03122022-Jan-17Moral sense.Morror Sense by Seohyun x Lee Junyoung, released on Netflix on February 11th.Chosun Ilbo 5,000+
MI-03112022-Jan-17Car tax in a row.Uiseong-gun, please apply for consecutive payment of “car tax” in 2022…10% reduction.New Today 5,000+
MI-03102022-Jan-17Hoya.I introduced a new product called “Myself” by Hoya Korea Lens.E2News 5,000+
MI-03092022-Jan-17Yoon Jongshin.Yoon Jongshin said, “Are you crazy about Yoo Jaeseok’s ‘Antenna’…”Discord with his wife? With common sense…iNews24 5,000+
MI-03082022-Jan-17Choi Junhee.Choi Junhee, you’re 20 years old and the late Choi Jinsil will be surprised. “Stop it”.Chosun Ilbo 5,000+
MI-03072022-Jan-17Celltrion.Bad news for Celltrion and OSTEM…Bio ‘ “Difficult January”.Maeil Economy 2,000+
MI-03062022-Jan-17Kim Eojun.Kim Eojun said, “Lee Jaemyung’s fake swear word video file, report that it will be distributed in Daegamun.”Chosun Ilbo 2,000+
MI-03052022-Jan-16Tongga.Tonga: “There is a possibility that 80,000 residents will be damaged by the eruption of the undersea volcano.”BBC News Korea 100,000+
MI-03042022-Jan-16MBC Straight.Reported by Kim Gun-hee on the transcript, MBC’s “Straight” jumped 7 times to 17.2% viewer ratings.Chosun Ilbo 20,000+
MI-03032022-Jan-16MBC Kim Gun Hee’s broadcast time.Kang Junman and MBC’s Kim Gunhee report said, “Is this the broadcast democratization that cried?”Dong-A Ilbo 10,000+
MI-03022022-Jan-16Lee Ha-neeQuickly Lee Ha-ni turned out to be 4 months pregnant.MBC News 10,000+
MI-03012022-Jan-16Cyworld.[ Bulletin board] Cyworld, HBAR Foundation, strategic partnership.Maeil Economy 10,000+
MI-03002022-Jan-16Jang Yunjeong.Jang Yoon Jung, the first guest of “Forsythia School”…”Miss Trot 2” and “National Singer”.Chosun Ilbo 10,000+
MI-02992022-Jan-16UFCCHANSUNG, will you write a new UFC history?The featherweight championship on April 10th.Newscian 5,000+
MI-02982022-Jan-16EPLEriksen’s return to EPL. He’s already been offered a recruitment.Newsis 5,000+
MI-02972022-Jan-16Time for KEON HEE’s V LIVE.Kim Gun-hee’s 7-hour phone call is a temporary injunction against broadcasting on sympathetic TV, and interrogation tomorrow.Chosun Ilbo 5,000+
MI-02962022-Jan-16MBCMBC’s “Lee Jaemyung’s swear words are already revealed”…KIM JAEWON, “What if something new comes out?”Chosun Ilbo 5,000+
MI-02952022-Jan-16Song Jia.Song Ji-ah’s Chanel and Dior clothes in “Solhakok” controversy over “fake”Chosun Ilbo 5,000+
MI-02942022-Jan-16SevenOmniscient Interfering View Lee Da Hae and SE7EN’s love story. “I didn’t like it at first”.Hankook Ilbo 5,000+
MI-02932022-Jan-16All butlers.All The Butlers Park Jongbok said, “Recently, he bought 10 billion buildings in Samseong-dong”.Maeil Economy 5,000+
MI-02922022-Jan-16Manchester United.A 2-2 draw with Manchester United and Villa.Manchester United 5,000+
MI-02912022-Jan-16YuiI’m jealous of RAIN’s Kim Taehee. “My parents want me to get married”.Hankook Ilbo 2,000+
MI-02902022-Jan-16IreneIRENE. Idol star who needs to improve her acting skills. – Herald Economy.Herald Economy 2,000+
MI-02892022-Jan-16Giriboy.Omniscient Interfering View Giriboy said, “The first copyright fee is 50,000 won, up to 100 million won.”Maeil Economy 2,000+
MI-02882022-Jan-15KEON HEE’s transcript.Hong Joon Pyo “Kim Gunhee’s transcript, it was a chance to resolve my resentment.”The situation in my country… 권 Struggle for power…Dong-A Ilbo 50,000+
MI-02872022-Jan-15Year-end tax adjustmentIf you want to understand 100% about the year-end tax adjustment?Korea Policy Portal korea.kr 50,000+
MI-02862022-Jan-15Lotto 998 times. The winning number.The 998th lottery number and 1st place winner will be announced.Daily Korea 20,000+
MI-02852022-Jan-15Iceland.Team Bento’s “solver” Cho Kyu-sung is at the forefront of the Iceland warm-up match.Hankyoreh 20,000+
MI-02842022-Jan-15Straight.Straight released by Kim Gun Hee on the phone. The highest ratings…On the bulletin board, “The substance…”Chosun Ilbo 10,000+
MI-02832022-Jan-15Song Joong-KiSong Joong Ki’s espresso. “Even if it’s uncomfortable, I’ll stand up and drink.” [Unboxing] – Herald Economy.Herald Economy Mobile 10,000+
MI-02822022-Jan-15Premier League.Premier League H/L | City 1-0 ChelseaManchester City 10,000+
MI-02812022-Jan-15Younha.[Overall] “Hangout with Yoo” Acorn Festival…Sunny Hill, Younha, Epik High. Here we go!Maeil Economy 10,000+
MI-02802022-Jan-15Manchester City.[EPL Review] “The Briner’s fantastic mid-range shot goal”. He beat Manchester City and Chelsea.Chosun Ilbo 5,000+
MI-02792022-Jan-15Code Kunst.I Live Alone Code Kunst, a four-story mansion…”A house like a cat tower”.Maeil Economy 5,000+
MI-02782022-Jan-15Kim Keon Hee’s phone recording.7-hour call recording··Kim Gunhee released, “Me Too doesn’t take care of money, so it explodes.”Kyunghyang Shinmun 5,000+
MI-02772022-Jan-15Kian84.6 Billion Building Owner Kian84 “New house 350 million won and monthly rent 700,000 won”.Newsis 2,000+
MI-02762022-Jan-15Ha Heonki.선 The senior deputy spokesman Ha Heon-ki will be dismissed from the remarks of the former captain, “The main enemy is an executive.”Chosun Beads 2,000+
MI-02752022-Jan-15BTSFocusing on making money rather than music. BTS fans who are angry about the hype.Seoul Shinmun 2,000+
MI-02742022-Jan-15Tae MinI’m afraid of what I’ll hear when I’m discharged from the army. TAEMIN, play a supplementary role for depressive panic disorder.Chosun Ilbo 2,000+
MI-02732022-Jan-15God of War.[Today’s steam] Just like the reputation of PlayStation. Got of War.Game Meca 2,000+
MI-02722022-Jan-15About KEON HEE’s transcript.The power of the people. Super nervous ahead of “Kim Gun Hee’s Call”…Look forward to headwind and sympathy.Hankyoreh 2,000+
MI-02712022-Jan-15Shin Jisoo.You’re so unlucky! You must be a kid after getting off. Shin Jisoo. Exploded by sarcastic comments.Chosun Ilbo 2,000+
MI-02702022-Jan-14Those who read evil minds.Heart of Evil Kim Nam-gil arrested the real culprit of the serial murder case…The highest viewer rating is 10.8%.Hankook Ilbo 10,000+
MI-02692022-Jan-14Distancing.Current distancing, extended by 3 weeks until February 6th…”Private gatherings of 4 → 6″.Korea Policy Portal korea.kr 10,000+
MI-02682022-Jan-14Kim Jong-kookKim Jong Kook said, “Your vocal cords are also muscle…””Your voice won’t get hoarse if you work out”.Maeil Economy 10,000+
MI-02672022-Jan-14Lee Chanwon.Chanwon, I acknowledge your hosting skills…Selected as the MC for “TALK Pawon 25 o’clock”.Women’s Joseon 5,000+
MI-02662022-Jan-14Doji Coin.Tesla allows some products, “Doji Coin Payment”…Musk tweet for a month.Chosun Beads 5,000+
MI-02652022-Jan-14Hyun-BinHyunbin Son Yejin, Jeju witness, “A regular pension”.Maeil Economy 5,000+
MI-02642022-Jan-14Cha Woo-rim.The story of becoming a monk Cha Woo-rim of Miss Korea…Han Sungjoo and Sunghyun.Munhwa Ilbo 2,000+
MI-02632022-Jan-14Kim Eunhye.Criticizing “Paparazzi” and “Avoyeurism” to reporters Kim Eun-hye and Kim Gun-hee.Hankook Ilbo 2,000+
MI-02622022-Jan-14Liverpool.No sala, no mane. Liverpool, “It was terrible to see Mino.”Chosun Ilbo 2,000+
MI-02612022-Jan-14Celltrion.Celltrion’s 3 brothers, 52 weeks of newbie… 5 trillion won in market capitalization. [Wang Ant Research Institute]Chosun Ilbo 2,000+
MI-02602022-Jan-14Lee Seungchae.Lee Seungchae, actor → BJ. “Breast cancer surgery…””New life every 6 months”.Money Today 2,000+
MI-02592022-Jan-14Arsenal.EPL Arsenal requests a postponement of the match against Tottenham on the 17th due to a lack of players.SBS News 2,000+
MI-02582022-Jan-14Kurtzfell.I’ve been waiting for a long time… Nexon, Kurtzfell. Pre-booking starts.Sisa Week 2,000+
MI-02572022-Jan-14Park Shin-hyePark Shinhye and Choi Taejun’s wedding invitation…Bae Jungnam. “So pretty. Congratulations”.Money Today 2,000+
MI-02562022-Jan-13NikeDK&D’s synthetic leather patent…A contract to supply fabric with Nike.Korea Economy 50,000+
MI-02552022-Jan-13KEON HEE’s transcript.Kim Gun Hee’s Record Broadcast. I can’t stop it. Yoon Seok Yeol, I couldn’t turn off “Fire”.Hankook Ilbo 20,000+
MI-02542022-Jan-13Kim Keon Hee.Kim Keon Hee’s 7-hour phone call. “You can do broadcasts except for 2 out of 9…””Will you be able to make a big success.News Free Zone 20,000+
MI-02532022-Jan-13DIA cotton pads.7 years of being shocked by the BJ idol…”It’s a waste of money and time”.Money Today 5,000+
MI-02522022-Jan-13KCMKCM marries a 9-year-old office worker in Gimpo.”With my single mother”.Top daily 5,000+
MI-02512022-Jan-13Song Joong-KiJeon Yeobin. Why is “Vincere Zo” good to work with? “Thanks to Song Joong Ki’s happy virus.” [Interview 2…]Star News 5,000+
MI-02502022-Jan-13Hwang Bomi.Suspicion of a commercial woman by Hwang Bo Mi, “Solve misunderstandings with your partner’s wife…” “I’m filing a lawsuit with an affair man”.Chosun Ilbo 2,000+
MI-02492022-Jan-13Real MadridEl Clasico is an old saying? Real Madrid and Barcelona won five times in a row.No Cut News 2,000+
MI-02482022-Jan-12UNDERDISEMBER.Line Games, multi-platform HACK & SLASH RPG “UNDE SEMBER” officially launched.Economic Review 50,000+
MI-02472022-Jan-12Battleground.Krafton said, “Battleground, free switch doubles the number of simultaneous users”.Korea Financial Daily 20,000+
MI-02462022-Jan-12KORAIL.Cho Hyung-ik, CEO of KORAIL Distribution, “establishing and strengthening the culture of integrity within the organization.”Economic Review 20,000+
MI-02452022-Jan-12Sim Sang JungI’ve been sleeping for three days. Sim Sang Jung…Yeo Yeongguk said, “I’m thinking hard. I said, “Don’t worry”.Hankyoreh 10,000+
MI-02442022-Jan-12LCKBBQ, 2022 LCK official sponsorship…”Enjoy LoL with chicken”.Korea Duty Free News 10,000+
MI-02432022-Jan-12Eternals.[Disney + New] Through “Eternals”, Ma Dongseok’s Marvel debut Disney Plus…Sports W 10,000+
MI-02422022-Jan-12Lee Jeongjae.Lee Jung Jae, Best Actor Award nominee…”I want to communicate with fans around the world”.Seoul Shinmun 10,000+
MI-02412022-Jan-12Lee Byungchul. A manipulator who is not a reporter for the payment of attorney’s expenses…It has nothing to do with Lee Jae Myung.” [Professional]Korea Economy 10,000+
MI-02402022-Jan-12You Quiz on the Block.Lee Jungjae. “Squid game, Sung Ki Hun. Myself in my memory”.Media today 5,000+
MI-02392022-Jan-12Choi Jong Hoon.I’m also traumatized. It’s unfair. – “Collective Violence” – Choi Jong Hoon’s release from prison. – Money S.Money S 5,000+
MI-02382022-Jan-12Novavax.SK Basa “Novavax is undergoing clinical trials aged 12 to 17 in the U.S.”It’s enough to supply domestically”.Chosun Beads 2,000+
MI-02372022-Jan-12Kim Donghee.Kim Donghee, acknowledged as school violence. “Thought I was forgiven after apologizing…”Deep self-reflection.” [Professional]Sports World 2,000+
MI-02362022-Jan-12Choi Jin Hyuk.I didn’t know how to operate it illegally.Choi Jinhyuk sent him to the prosecution for violating quarantine rules.SBS News 2,000+
MI-02352022-Jan-12Club ears.Gangnam Club’s “Ear amputation”… “Someone cut it” vs “Falling down alone”.Chosun Ilbo 2,000+
MI-02342022-Jan-12Hyundai Engineering & Construction.Hyundai Engineering & Construction supplies “Lapent Hill” for large apartments in Gwangju.Korea Economy 2,000+
MI-02332022-Jan-11Jinmyeong Girls’ High School.Jinmyung Girls’ High School student won’t accept it. Another controversy over the principal’s anger.Dong-A Ilbo 100,000+
MI-02322022-Jan-11Youngtak.Asking for 15 billion won to be sent to Yecheon Brewery. Youngtak said, “I can’t understand”.Chosun Beads 20,000+
MI-02312022-Jan-11Lim Youngwoong.Lim Youngwoong’s channel hit 1.2 billion views. “Great job, Lim Hero”.Hankook Ilbo 20,000+
MI-02302022-Jan-11Apartment in Gwangju.One missing person in Gwangju apartment “collapse accident” was found on the first basement floor.Opinion News 20,000+
MI-02292022-Jan-11Apartment in Gwangju collapsed.One missing person in the collapse of an apartment in Gwangju was found on the stairs on the first basement floor.Hankook Ilbo 10,000+
MI-02282022-Jan-11Nasdaq.New York Stock Exchange Starts Down on Surge in U.S. Interest Rates NASDAQ 2%↓Chosun Beads 10,000+
MI-02272022-Jan-11Gwangju I-Park.The fate of Gwangju Hwajeong I-Park, which had more than 400 million won, saying “Lotto,”Kyunghyang Shinmun 5,000+
MI-02262022-Jan-11F-5EF-5E fighter plane crashes on a hill during takeoff…The pilot is dead.Kyunghyang Shinmun 5,000+
MI-02252022-Jan-11Blue Archive.Blue Archive. Event story “Ivan Kupala of Revolution” updated.Korea Economy 5,000+
MI-02242022-Jan-11Girl group.Debut in April girl group trainee, controversy over revealing school violence…”Wordplay and cigarette X”.Munhwa Ilbo 5,000+
MI-02232022-Jan-11Song Ja Ho.Song Ja-ho, born in 2000, runs for the National Assembly…Break up with Park Gyuri for 4 months.Newsis 2,000+
MI-02222022-Jan-11Park Gyuri.Park Gyuri’s “Losing Love for Humanity”…Did I meet Song Ja Ho without knowing that he’s 12 years younger?Money Today 2,000+
MI-02212022-Jan-11Lee Seung-giLee Seung Gi, Lee Sun Gyun, and Jo Boah are candidates for exemplary taxpayers.New Daily Economy 2,000+
MI-02202022-Jan-11Show window, too.Show window Lee Sungjae and Jeon Somin were the culprits who stabbed…Touching the respirator.International news 2,000+
MI-02192022-Jan-11Kwon Soonwoo.Kwon Soonwoo came from behind to beat Harris, ranked 32nd in the world…Round of 16 for 2 weeks in a row.Yonhap News Agency 2,000+
MI-02182022-Jan-11PGA72 holes, 34 under par…Smith PGA New HistoryMaeil Economy 2,000+
MI-02172022-Jan-11Clay Tomson.NBA players Clay Thomson, Andrei Guodala, and pay with Bitcoin.Global Economic 2,000+
MI-02162022-Jan-10Jung Yongjin.Jung Yongjin posted a poster for “Reject Jung Yongjin”. “Please refer to it for work”.Hankyoreh 50,000+
MI-02152022-Jan-10Tottenham.Injury absent Son Heung-min Tottenham advances to the FA Cup 4R…Team 3 came from behind to win.Hankook Ilbo 20,000+
MI-02142022-Jan-10Oh Youngsoo.Oh Youngsoo Golden Globes Best Supporting Actor…A life of acting with flowers ahead of my 80th birthday.Hankyoreh 20,000+
MI-02132022-Jan-10Kakao.Kakao CEO nominee resigns from controversy over “stock eating and running.””Executive Stock Option Feast” detonator…Hankyoreh 10,000+
MI-02122022-Jan-10Small business quarantine subsidy.Slightly support breaks down quarantine banks. “Spend 38 trillion won on compensation for losses for small business owners.”Hankyoreh 10,000+
MI-02112022-Jan-10DIA cotton pads.I was wondering where the girl idol disappeared and she transformed into a BJ…The agency said, “The contract is terminated”.Money Today 10,000+
MI-02102022-Jan-10WEMIX.[Exclusive] WeMade. Additional sales of WeMix in the first quarter…460 billion won worth of money will be released.Money Today’s show MTN 5,000+
MI-02092022-Jan-10Jang Yunjeong.Jang Yoon Jeong’s daughter. Ha Young. “I’m a father baby.””You gave me 10 months”. Disappointed.Chosun Ilbo 5,000+
MI-02082022-Jan-10Moon Jae InPark Jin Moon Jae In government, we need to get out of the “end-of-war black hole”Stop begging for peace.Very Economy_Mobile 5,000+
MI-02072022-Jan-10LHLH will accept applications for public lease housing 264…From the 10th.Tax Finance Newspaper 5,000+
MI-02062022-Jan-10Edison Motors.Edison Motors, which has overcome the crisis of acquiring Ssangyong Motor, continues to controversy over its financial power.Chosun Beads 5,000+
MI-02052022-Jan-10Pre-subscription.That’s cheap.On the first day of the 4th pre-subscription, including the 3rd new city, 300,000 people flocked.Maeil Economy 2,000+
MI-02042022-Jan-10Ndombele.Club Record Ndombele was eventually filmed by Conte? Considering the release.MSN 2,000+
MI-02032022-Jan-10KIM DONG YEON.Kim Dongyeon “While reporting real estate to the president, Goseong…”To the point where you can hear the double sided sound.Hankyoreh 2,000+
MI-02022022-Jan-10Jamie.JAY and Jamie’s disparaging remarks. “Sincere apology”.No Cut News 2,000+
MI-02012022-Jan-10EVERGLOW.Controversy over bowing. EVERGLOW Wang Yiren is suspended from domestic activities to China.SBS News 2,000+
MI-02002022-Jan-09Yoo Jae-sukKakaotalk, kakaotalk, contact. I’m tired.Yoo Jaeseok, the reason why you don’t use Kakao Talk.Maeil Economy 10,000+
MI-01992022-Jan-09Extinction.Despite Jung Yong-jin’s plunge in Shinsegae’s stock price…”To me, extinction is reality”.Hankyoreh 10,000+
MI-01982022-Jan-09LEE HAN YEOL.The funeral ceremony of Mrs. Bae Eun-Shim, who left for the last day of her birthday with the son of the late patriotic martyr Lee Han-yeol.News Free Zone 10,000+
MI-01972022-Jan-09fine dust[Exclusive] You said it’s “” instruction”. Korea-China fine dust consultative body has not been opened for 3 years.Chosun Ilbo 5,000+
MI-01962022-Jan-09Lee Sun Bin.I like it.Tony Ahn’s mother, love call to Sun Bin, who is dating openly.Hankook Ilbo 5,000+
MI-01952022-Jan-09It’s Lee Dohae.LEE DAHAE said, “I’m learning how to dance from my boyfriend. I don’t want to see him dance”. – Money S.Money S 5,000+
MI-01942022-Jan-09Go Ahsung.Tracer Go Ah-sung. With a variety of realistic sides, “As expected, acting as an office worker!”MBC News 2,000+
MI-01932022-Jan-09Delta Crohn.Experts say, “Delta Crohn may be contaminated by laboratory analysis”.Maeil Economy 2,000+
MI-01922022-Jan-08Lotto 997th winning number.Lotto 997th winning number inquiry “4·7·14·16·24·44″+20…1st place winner will get 1.2 billion won each…Organic Life Newspaper 20,000+
MI-01912022-Jan-08Do Kyungwan.Kim Gura X Do Kyungwan X Kwanghee’s “A Match with the Gods” will be aired on the 16th.Maeil Economy 10,000+
MI-01902022-Jan-08VERIVERY MINCHAN.Personal thoughts…VERIVERY MINCHAN apologizes for the controversy over girl group appearance.Hankook Ilbo 10,000+
MI-01892022-Jan-08Park Solmi.I decided to get married when I first met you. Han Jaeseok and his wife Park Solmi fell in love with the script.Chosun Ilbo 5,000+
MI-01882022-Jan-08Kim Tae-heeGeochang-gun, Deputy Governor Kim Taehee. I’ll figure out the affairs of the military.Media Farm 5,000+
MI-01872022-Jan-08DIA cotton pads.DIA Somyi left the agency and became a BJ for internet broadcasting.Maeil Economy 5,000+
MI-01862022-Jan-08Namgoongmin.Jin Ahreum, “7 Years of Dating” is becoming more and more like Nam Goongmin.Gentle beauty.Chosun Ilbo 5,000+
MI-01852022-Jan-08Golden Disc Awards.As expected, Lim Youngwoong…”Golden Disc Awards” red carpet + hero who won the award.Hankook Ilbo 5,000+
MI-01842022-Jan-08UFCUFC Jung Chansung, will he get a chance to challenge for the title?A verbal agreement with Volcanovsky.Dong-A Ilbo 2,000+
MI-01832022-Jan-08Temporary Wan.Im Siwan said, “The most recent celebrity I followed is BTS V”.Unexpected connections.Maeil Economy 2,000+
MI-01822022-Jan-08Lee Naeun.April’s Na Eun was a “school violence” falsehood.Disclosure. “Because I’m not qualified”. Apologize.Money Today 2,000+
MI-01812022-Jan-08AI Yoon Seok Yeol.AI Yoon Seokyeol, “If Moon Jae In and Lee Jaemyeong fall into the water, cheer from afar.” “Dal Doom Kong.”Chosun Beads 2,000+
MI-01802022-Jan-08Abolition of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family.Yoon Seok Yeol, talk about leisure club to catch 2030 guys? Generation abandonment, not generation siege.Hankyoreh 2,000+
MI-01792022-Jan-08JTBCInflation at soaring exchange rates…”Consumer prices are going up”.JTBC 2,000+
MI-01782022-Jan-07KBS[Photo] Announcer Lee Seunghyun, “KBS is here”.Chosun Ilbo 20,000+
MI-01772022-Jan-07Song Ga In.With Song Ga-in during the Lunar New Year holiday…KBS 2TV’s “Joseon Pop Gain Song Ga In”.Maeil Economy 10,000+
MI-01762022-Jan-07Tracer.[HI’s first show] Temporary Wan promoted from “Tracer” and “Misaeng”.He’s good at vital activities, too.Hankook Ilbo 10,000+
MI-01752022-Jan-07Jung Yongjin.After Cho Kuk said, “It’s like Jung Yongjin and Yoon Seokyeol in “extinction”…,, I found E-Mart.Chosun Ilbo 5,000+
MI-01742022-Jan-07Monica.When asked about “Along with the Gods”, Monica said, “Monthly sales are 90 million won during the peak season”.Chosun Ilbo 2,000+
MI-01732022-Jan-07Park Sooyoung.Controversy over Park Sooyoung’s “He’s not a real young man” and “Lee Junseok’s complaint didn’t go away.”Chosun Beads 2,000+
MI-01722022-Jan-07YooA.[Comprehensive] “The Fishermen and the City 3” YooA, “Mysterious Activity” → Kim Junhyun, 64cm Trout…Maeil Economy 2,000+
MI-01712022-Jan-07Pyeongtaek fire.Police, seizure and search such as “Pyeongtaek Refrigeration Warehouse Fire” construction work… Forced investigation.Chosun Beads 2,000+
MI-01702022-Jan-06Small business quarantine subsidy.Today, the second payment of quarantine subsidies for small business owners and application for “Odd number” at the end of the business registration card.Chosun Beads 50,000+
MI-01692022-Jan-06Tottenham.Tottenham confirmed the postponed match against Leicester…”Three games a week.” Murderous schedule.Chosun Ilbo 20,000+
MI-01682022-Jan-06Nasdaq.New York Stock Exchange’s Three Major Indexes plunge en masse…NASDAQ 3.34% ↓Chosun Beads 10,000+
MI-01672022-Jan-06Lee Cheolgyu.[Exclusive] Yoon Han-hong, deputy president of the People’s Power Strategy Planning Division, Lee Cheol-gyu.Kyunghyang Shinmun 5,000+
MI-01662022-Jan-06Kim Jong-kookKIA manager Kim Jong Kook officially takes office…”You’re going to build the foundation for a strong team”.Chosun Ilbo 5,000+
MI-01652022-Jan-06Kazakhstan.Russian media, “18 police officers were killed in the Kazakhstan riot”.VOA Korea 5,000+
MI-01642022-Jan-06Electronic access list.The electronic access list for quarantine passes is also “Troublemaker”… “Business app connection is bad”.Chosun Beads 5,000+
MI-01632022-Jan-06Park Sung Joong.Yoon Seok Yeol. “Sorry for making you disappointed at the Youth Meeting”.Park Sung-joong, the event leader, resigned.Chosun Beads 2,000+
MI-01622022-Jan-06Hong Jin-youngSuspended activities Hong Jin Young and “Omniscient Interfering View” manager… Will he return after receiving 10 billion won in investment?Chosun Ilbo 2,000+
MI-01612022-Jan-06Apple education discount.Apple launched a discount on education in 2022…If you buy Mac and iPad, AirPod 2 is free.Very Economy_Mobile 2,000+
MI-01602022-Jan-06Kim Hee-jungKim Heejung wearing sleeveless shirt and revealing her charm…”Is it a doll?”News 1 2,000+
MI-01592022-Jan-06The blood of the landscape.[HI Interview] Kwon Yul, 12kg of blood from the landscape.Hankook Ilbo 2,000+
MI-01582022-Jan-06Come to the Witch Restaurant.The drama “Come to the Witch’s Restaurant” character-related maps, plots, books, original, and ending “At a glance”.International news 2,000+
MI-01572022-Jan-05Kim Misoo.The death of a hell actor…On the CNN sign, Kim Misu’s obituary article,Chosun Ilbo 50,000+
MI-01562022-Jan-05Seol Kang Hwa, Kim Misu.The controversial actor who appeared in Snow Gang Hwa”Kim Misu’s obituary on CNN’s main page.Korea Economy 20,000+
MI-01552022-Jan-05Kim EveI’ll date you if you pay me 400 million won in debt.BJ Kim Eeve said, “A squeezing broadcast” after revealing foot-and-mouth disease.E-Daily 20,000+
MI-01542022-Jan-05Kwon Youngse.Despite opposition from Yoon Seok-yeol and Lee Joon-seok, the appointment of secretary-general and vice-president was enforced.Hankyoreh 20,000+
MI-01532022-Jan-05SBSI found the owner who hung a stone around the dog’s neck.His words.SBS News 10,000+
MI-01522022-Jan-05Seo Jang Hoon.Seo Jang Hoon, financial aid to Kim Young Hee, the “Giant Disease” fighter…”I want to help you more”.Chosun Ilbo 10,000+
MI-01512022-Jan-05Son Dam-biI’m so happy to be dating Son Dambi and Lee Gyuhyuk. “I love you”. Honey is falling.Chosun Ilbo 5,000+
MI-01502022-Jan-05KTX derailed.Why did you get off the KTX on the Gyeongbu Line?Possibility of poor parts and maintenance, not collision.Hankyoreh 5,000+
MI-01492022-Jan-05Jeong Hyein.[Overall] “Goal Girl” fabricated show. Apple → FC Action Star, Jung Hyein’s hat trick…Maeil Economy 5,000+
MI-01482022-Jan-05Why Pooh?Y-Pooh by Game Association. “Y-Pooh” 15-year-old Lee Yong-A is shocked. “Suspecting the classification function”.Chosun Beads 2,000+
MI-01472022-Jan-05AMD[CES 2022] Intel, AMD, NVIDIA fighting for pride with flagship chips.Chosun Beads 2,000+
MI-01462022-Jan-05BNC Korea.The stock price of BNC Korea is 4% ↑…Why is it rising? | Very EconomyVery Economy_Mobile 2,000+
MI-01452022-Jan-04Lee Seyoung.With Junho in tears. A letter from Seyoung to viewers of “Clothes Sleeves.” [Interview]Hankook Ilbo 20,000+
MI-01442022-Jan-04Kim Hojung.We’re okay, right? TAN who entered Cheongdam villa.”Korea Economy 20,000+
MI-01432022-Jan-04Miley Cyrus.Starting in the new year, even in the “top exposure” accident…The experienced performance of Cyrus. [Video]Financial News 10,000+
MI-01422022-Jan-04Cyworld.Cyworld Theme Stock IntroMedic, a series of complaints from investors.Beads Korea 10,000+
MI-01412022-Jan-04MBC2021’s YouTube news channel. Which channel was the most popular?Media today 10,000+
MI-01402022-Jan-04Jung Changwook.Chef Jung Changwook, caught drunk driving… “Drinking show” and comments criticizing me.Hankook Ilbo 10,000+
MI-01392022-Jan-04The president of the celebrity cooperative.President A of the celebrity cooperative. It turns out he’s a sex offender.Hankook Ilbo 10,000+
MI-01382022-Jan-04UFCUFC “Korean Zombie” Jung Chansung. “I want Dan Hooker as my next opponent”.Maeil Economy 10,000+
MI-01372022-Jan-04Beat torrent.[Coinleaders] Recently watched “TRX” vs “BTT”…Coinleaders 5,000+
MI-01362022-Jan-04Ghost doctor.Ghost Doctor Uee, “Outside Car Inside Warm” character.Newstown 5,000+
MI-01352022-Jan-04Tesla.White House wants Tesla to open an exhibition hall in Xinjiang, saying, “We have to oppose human rights violations”.Hankyoreh 5,000+
MI-01342022-Jan-04BTSCure for COVID-19. BTS Jin and j-hope said, “I lost 4kg. Buy me food.”Maeil Economy 5,000+
MI-01332022-Jan-04Cheon Eunmi.Extreme vaccine allergy…”I’m thinking about writing a suicide note.

Ostem Implant’s Falling In Love” organs…After embezzlement, he started to act.
Chosun Ilbo 2,000+
MI-01322022-Jan-03OSTEM Implant.Hwang Ui-jo-Hyomin, Swiss date scene was filmed…”You made it obvious”.Chosun Beads 20,000+
MI-01312022-Jan-03HYOMIN.Please stop Lee Junseok from appearing on the show. A petition for KBS viewer rights center was posted.Money Today 20,000+
MI-01302022-Jan-03KBSFeminist Shin Ji-ye resigned as senior vice chairman of the New Era Preparatory Committee.YTN 20,000+
MI-01292022-Jan-03Shin Jiye.Lee Kyung Kyu “Return gift for your daughter’s wedding, ramen Juni, you and I…””Chosun Beads 20,000+
MI-01282022-Jan-03LEE KYUNG KYU.Kim Jongin and Yoon Seokyeol held hands for “Moment of Stars”. “Please act”. That’s a disaster.Newsis 10,000+
MI-01272022-Jan-03Kim Jongin.Kim Minjeon apologized for saying, “Boys don’t get credits after drinking.”Delete the post and the captain…Hankyoreh 10,000+
MI-01262022-Jan-03Kim Minjeon.[Exclusive] 18 years old. 6 months of expiration date for quarantine pass.Kyunghyang Shinmun 5,000+
MI-01252022-Jan-03Quarantine pass.Call records of Choi Jae-kyung and Park Kwan-cheon on Yoo Dong-gyu’s cell phone.Hankyoreh 5,000+
MI-01242022-Jan-03Choi Jaekyung.The first day of Kepler’s debut, 150,000 albums were sold… The best girl group ever.Maeil Economy 5,000+
MI-01232022-Jan-03Kepler.[Exclusive] Exclusive contracts with Yoon Kyun Sang, Oh Na Na, and Hoo Secret have expired.Chosun Ilbo 5,000+
MI-01222022-Jan-03Come here.Lim Chan Kyu, “Son Naeun’s Younger Brother.” I acknowledge your romantic relationship with Son Saeun.”Thanks to Park Yongtaek” (“Playful Bro 2”).Hankook Ilbo 5,000+
MI-01212022-Jan-03Son Saeun.[HI’s focus] Jisoo’s “Snowpiercer” controversy and BLACKPINK’sMaeil Economy 2,000+
MI-01202022-Jan-03BLACKPINK.Praise for Son Heung-min, who scored the winning goal, “SON is an exception even if Conte changes Tottenham.”Hankook Ilbo 2,000+
MI-01192022-Jan-02Tottenham.If there’s an iron fence, the 22nd Division… There’s a reason why people call it “warning failure”.Chosun Ilbo 20,000+
MI-01182022-Jan-0222nd Division.The EPL championship competition is over. Manchester City won”.Carragher, face-to-face.Hankook Ilbo 20,000+
MI-01172022-Jan-02EPLNew women’s sexual virtues, Jeongjo, and MBC were all saved.Interfootball 10,000+
MI-01162022-Jan-02first oarsSix police officers from “Sports Center Murder” have been dispatched.Cover the victim’s clothes and withdraw.Oh My News 10,000+
MI-01152022-Jan-02Sports[Break News] “SM Project Unit”, GOT the beat, new song…Hankyoreh 5,000+
MI-01142022-Jan-02GOT the beatKim Soyeon X Lee Sangyoon X Jin Seoyeon X Choi Yebin X Chu Youngwoo 2021 Acting Grand Prize filled JAY…Break news 5,000+
MI-01132022-Jan-02Lee Sangyoon.Ji-He-Joong Kim Joo-heon. Choi Hee-seo, who is suspicious of himself, is angry.Korea Economic TV 2,000+
MI-01122022-Jan-02Kim Jooheon.Professor Bae Sang-min of KAIST appeared as a master in “All Butlers”.Holds the record for the first time and the youngest.Maeil Economy 2,000+
MI-01112022-Jan-02Bae Sangmin.New Year’s Day, North Korea over the fence on the Eastern Front…The 22nd Division, “Tomb of Stars”.Maeil Economy 2,000+
MI-01102022-Jan-01New Year’s Day.Lotto 996th winning number inquiry “6, 11, 15, 24, 32, 39″+28….1st place, 18 people, 1.4 billion won each…Hankyoreh 500,000+
MI-01092022-Jan-01Lotto 996th winning number.Kim Soyeon’s personality proof post is a hot topic…”An actor who came to the set even on a cold day”.Organic Life Newspaper 20,000+
MI-01082022-Jan-01Kim So-yeonKim Hojung, New Year’s greetings…”See you at the concert in 2022″.Maeil Economy 20,000+
MI-01072022-Jan-01Kim Hojung.KBS Acting Awards Ji Hyunwoo won the grand prize…”Gentleman and Lady” won six times. [Comprehensive]Maeil Economy 20,000+
MI-01062022-Jan-01Ji Hyunwoo.[No-cut review] “Happy New Year”. Is it really “Happy”?Hankook Ilbo 20,000+
MI-01052022-Jan-01Happy New YearJanuary 1st, 2022 Dispatch’s romance rumor…Who’s the best couple?No Cut News 10,000+
MI-01042022-Jan-01Dispatch.Ji-He-Joong Jang Ki-yong and Song Hye-kyo got caught…”Let’s go to Paris together”.International News 10,000+
MI-01032022-Jan-01Song Hye-Kyo[Photo] Espa-Carina, “Strong Eyes”.Hankook Ilbo 10,000+
MI-01022022-Jan-01KARINA.[Photo] Espa-Carina, “Strong Eyes”.Daily Sports 5,000+
MI-01012022-Jan-01rice-cake soupEat rice cake soup and stay healthy this year. In the cold weather, there’s no charge at Tapgol Park.Segye Ilbo 5,000+
MI-01002022-Jan-01SBS Drama Awards.What if Kim Yoojung and Kim Sejeong fall into the water?”SBS Drama Awards. Word, word, word, word.Hankook Ilbo 5,000+
MI-00992022-Jan-01SunriseSK Ino, live broadcast of the first sunrise of “2022” with the energy of a tiger.Hankook Ilbo 5,000+
MI-00982022-Jan-01Lee Sehee.Gentleman and Lady Lee Sehee doesn’t hold back…[RE:TV] You’re as good as the name of “Ddan”.News 1 5,000+
MI-00972022-Jan-01Manchester City.Manchester City’s tenacity to win over Arsenal.Oh My News 5,000+
MI-00962022-Jan-01Yoon Dahoon.Yoon Da-hoon and his eldest daughter Nam Kyung-min’s wedding scene will be revealed for the first time.Crying.Maeil Economy 2,000+
MI-00952022-Jan-01Lee Yikyung.Lee Yi Kyung’s acceptance speech that made everyone laugh…Call me during the live show. “Honey”.Chosun Ilbo 2,000+
MI-00942022-Jan-01Lee Kyu Hyuk.Are Son Dambi and Lee Gyuhyuk getting married? New Year’s Day Kiss…Lee Hanee’s support.Dong-A Ilbo 2,000+
MI-00932022-Jan-01Black tiger.[Fact check] Im In-nyeon’s symbol of the new year, “Black Tiger” is an imaginary animal?Yonhap News Agency 2,000+

DATEs – FROM 2021. DEC. 24 – TO 2021. DEC. 31

No.DateCrucial KeywordContent SummorizedSourcesSearch volume.
MI-00922021-Dec-31New Year’s greetings.With Han Yeseul’s boyfriend and Song Hyegyo’s dog…BTS and Ji-Soo, new year’s greetings.Dong-A Ilbo 50,000+
MI-00912021-Dec-312022 New Year’s greetings.Is there a new year’s greeting for 2022? New Year’s greetings.Current affairs magazine 20,000+
MI-00902021-Dec-312022[2022 Boostradamus] 3 “Dr. Harvard” Kim Kyungmin, “The inflection point is already over”.Chosun Beads 20,000+
MI-00892021-Dec-31MBCMBC is the winner of the 2021 year-end awards ceremony.Maeil Economy 10,000+
MI-00882021-Dec-312022…[Stock outlook for 2022] S&P500 volatility increases in the first half of the year.”BIC in Metabus”…Chosun Beads 10,000+
MI-00872021-Dec-31Im In-nyeon.[Fact check] Im In-nyeon’s symbol of the new year, “Black Tiger” is an imaginary animal?Yonhap News Agency 10,000+
MI-00862021-Dec-31Happy New YearIsn’t it a doll? “Happy New Year” with Song Hyegyo and “Cute” pet Ruby.Chosun Ilbo 10,000+
MI-00852021-Dec-31RMI don’t know you at all.BTS RM denied “Rumor of Love with Gold Spoon”.Maeil Economy 10,000+
MI-00842021-Dec-31Year of 2022.What about Im In-nyeon, the year of the jackpot and the year of the third year? I’m curious about what it means.International News 10,000+
MI-00832021-Dec-31New YearBy 6 p.m. on New Year’s Day, 1,048 people in Seoul were confirmed…76 people compared to yesterday ↑Hankyoreh 10,000+
MI-00822021-Dec-31Lee Seyoung.Clothes Sleeves ended today (1st).Lee Junho, Lee Seyoung, and Seung Eun caught the night.Maeil Economy 10,000+
MI-00812021-Dec-31Tiger[C-cut] Growl! Have a great year with tiger energy!Chosun Ilbo 10,000+
MI-00802021-Dec-31Kim Yu-jeongWhat if Kim Yoojung and Kim Sejeong fall into the water?”SBS Drama Awards. Word, word, word, word.Hankook Ilbo 5,000+
MI-00792021-Dec-31Na Hye Seok.[Comprehensive] Na Hye Seok, the first Western painter in Korea → a fallen old man…Maeil Economy 5,000+
MI-00782021-Dec-31Namgoongmin.Namgungmin’s 6 year romantic relationship, couple Jin Areum event… How do you feel about “I love you”? There’s a reason.Chosun Ilbo 5,000+
MI-00772021-Dec-31Jin Areum.Namgungmin’s 6 year romantic relationship, couple Jin Areum event… How do you feel about “I love you”? There’s a reason.Chosun Ilbo 5,000+
MI-00762021-Dec-31Park Geun-hyePark Geun Hye Special Amnesty: “Truth must be revealed…” Will it act as a presidential election variable?BBC News Korea 5,000+
MI-00752021-Dec-31New year’s EveQuebec, Canada, has the largest number of new infections, and indefinite night curfews from New Year’s Eve.Maeil Economy 5,000+
MI-00742021-Dec-312022 Im In-nyeon.Let’s become the subject of making the new year of Imin in 2022 and the era of change.Korean Agricultural and Rural Affairs 5,000+
MI-00732021-Dec-31Quarantine pass.You need a quarantine pass to go to the department store and mart. 2 weeks of distance extension.MBC News 5,000+
MI-00722021-Dec-30New Year’s greetings.Is there a new year’s greeting for 2022? New Year’s greetings.Current affairs magazine 20,000+
MI-00712021-Dec-30Yoo Jae-sukYoo Jaeseok, “I was like an ‘old boy’ during self-quarantine”.Hankook Ilbo 10,000+
MI-00702021-Dec-30Happy New YearLEE KNOW’s selfie. Handsome face. “Happy new year”.Maeil Economy 10,000+
MI-00692021-Dec-30Jang Minho.Jang Minho, open the tracklist for “Asei ep.1”.Financial News 5,000+
MI-00682021-Dec-30Jo In Seong.Mogadishu Kim Yoon-seok X Cho In-sung, which director Ryu Seung-wan of “First Row in the Room” calls.JTBC 5,000+
MI-00672021-Dec-30I’m the only one who levels up.Global 14.2 billion views…Kakao Entertainment’s “Level Up Alone” is complete.iNews24 5,000+
MI-00662021-Dec-30Song Ga In.Song Ga-in, trot year commercial, too…”Great job, Gain”.Newsis 5,000+
MI-00652021-Dec-30Kim Minjeon.Kim Minjeon, “A male student doesn’t get credit after drinking”. Ha Taekyung, “Apologize”.Maeil Economy 2,000+
MI-00642021-Dec-30Kim Jong-unFormer German ambassador in North Korea, “Kim Jeong is not an absolute dictator”.Maeil Economy 2,000+
MI-00632021-Dec-29Tottenham.Tottenham, who showed poor performance against 10 players, showed only “South Hampton Killer” SON.Chosun Ilbo 20,000+
MI-00622021-Dec-29Kim Hojung.Kim Ho-joong suspends prosecution for alleged illegal gambling.Sports Today 20,000+
MI-00612021-Dec-29Kwak Jinyoung’s kimchi.Illegal distribution of kimchi. End-of-life food. “Factory manager’s mistake…””Not related to CEO Kwak Jinyoung”.Chosun Ilbo 10,000+
MI-00602021-Dec-29Park Byungho.Park Byung-ho also transferred…3 years and 3 billion won contract with KT.Hankyoreh 5,000+
MI-00592021-Dec-29Cho Song Hwa.Cho Song Hwa left without permission. No one responded. I’m invincible.Chosun Ilbo 2,000+
MI-00582021-Dec-29SMU-Know Yunho, “Love is my fans”…SM YouTube made a surprise appearance YouTube.Maeil Economy 2,000+
MI-00572021-Dec-29Liverpool.Liverpool lost 0-1 to Leicester ahead of their transfer to the Nations Cup…Will it be far from winning?Maeil Economy 2,000+
MI-00562021-Dec-29Dividend lock.The dividend payout effect…KOSPI closed lower to 2993.29.Opinion News 2,000+
MI-00552021-Dec-28Trot.Hello Trot Kim Taewon and Boohwal? “The more you break the team, the stronger it gets”.Maeil Economy 20,000+
MI-00542021-Dec-28Lee Junseok, Seong Sangnap.Suspicion of Lee Junseok’s reward that Ga Seyeon brought up… The reason behind the appearance of the rumor.Hankook Ilbo 10,000+
MI-00532021-Dec-28Lee Byung-hunLee Min-jung and Lee Byung-hun said, “The accommodation alone is 87 million won.” After honeymoon, Jeju Island’s private house…Chosun Ilbo 5,000+
MI-00522021-Dec-28Manchester United.Manchester United and Newcastle have a 1-1 draw.Manchester United 5,000+
MI-00512021-Dec-28Fentanyl.[A magnifying glass] “New Opium War” fentanyl from China killed Americans.Very Economy_Mobile 5,000+
MI-00502021-Dec-27Small business quarantine subsidies.krThe start of the payment of quarantine subsidies for small business owners…Apply like this!Korea Policy Portal korea.kr 50,000+
MI-00492021-Dec-27Song Ji-hyoSong Jihyo, “Short Cut Goddess” who is happy with the visuals of “Long Hair”…Any hairstyle is pretty.Chosun Ilbo 20,000+
MI-00482021-Dec-27Lee Chanwon.The Best Star Lee Chanwon, trot singer brand reputation. Top 2 for 7 consecutive months.Top Star News 5,000+
MI-00472021-Dec-27Political situationBTS Jung Kook, the most viewed person on “TikTok”.Chosun Ilbo 5,000+
MI-00462021-Dec-27Tottenham Crystal Palace.[Official announcement] Tottenham-Crystal match. As scheduled, “Son 8th goal aim”.Chosun Ilbo 5,000+
MI-00452021-Dec-27JIN SUN KYU.My Little Old Boy by JIN SUN KYU. “Wife Park Bo Kyung, grow up by performing together”.Maeil Economy 5,000+
MI-00442021-Dec-27Arsenal.Hwang Heechan is resting again. Wolverhampton. Arsenal match on the 29th was also “Acting.” “There’s no player”.MSN 2,000+
MI-00432021-Dec-27KIM KEON HEE, JULY.JULY captain YouTuber “Even before marrying Kim Gunhee and Yoon Seokyeol…”” Anything else?Korea Economy 2,000+
MI-00422021-Dec-27Lee Yu-biLee Yubi and BTS Jungkook are dating? “SUGA knows…””Munhwa Ilbo 2,000+
MI-00412021-Dec-27Kim Minjeon.Professor Kim Min-jeon of Ahn Cheol Soo, co-chairman Yoon Seok-yeol,Hankyoreh 2,000+
MI-00402021-Dec-27Yoon Seok Yeol’s wife.Yoon Seokyeol apologized and said, “It’s up to the public to judge”.MBC News 2,000+
MI-00392021-Dec-27Lee Seungyoon.Lee Seungyoon, “Korea’s First Brand Grand Prize”. Vocalist.Financial News 2,000+
MI-00382021-Dec-27Mt. Fuji.Running away is the way to live…Earthquake every 3 hours. Mount Fuji comes up.Maeil Economy 2,000+
MI-00372021-Dec-26Kim Keon Hee.Cho Kuk and Kim Gun Hee are suspected of plagiarizing papers. “I don’t want much. Just the same”.Hankook Ilbo 50,000+
MI-00362021-Dec-26Yoon Seok Yeol.Did you catch up with Lee Jae-myung and Yoon Seok-yeol?”The reason for Yoon’s approval rating decline is even greater”.Hankyoreh 10,000+
MI-00352021-Dec-26Moon Seyoon.KBS Entertainment Awards Moon Seyoon, Grand Prize winner. “Thank you, members and Kim Seonho”.Hankook Ilbo 10,000+
MI-00342021-Dec-26Wonshin.Mihoyo “Wonshin”, 2.4 version update will be released on January 5th, and “Younha Palace” in the deep sea area.Global Economic Daily 10,000+
MI-00332021-Dec-26SHIN HYE SUN.SHIN HYE SUN, you’re good at acting like this.”The part where you acknowledge your acting skills.SBS News 5,000+
MI-00322021-Dec-26Lim Youngwoong concert.Lim Youngwoong, I want to cheer you up at the concert.”Trust me now”.MBN Star 5,000+
MI-00312021-Dec-26agreement[KSOI] If you buy Park Geun Hye, “CHANSUNG 57.7% – NO 31.7%”, “CHANSUNG” from the conservative-national power supporters…Polynews 5,000+
MI-00302021-Dec-26Choi Soojong.Ha Heera, special help for “Choi Soojong”…”I respect you”. [TEN]Korea Economy 5,000+
MI-00292021-Dec-26Ji Seokjin.Running Man Ji Seokjin. “Lee Kwangsoo, my Entertainment Awards prediction.”Maeil Economy 2,000+
MI-00282021-Dec-26Tiger2022 is the Year of the Tiger…Tiger place names and legends all over Gyeongsangbuk-do.Maeil Economy 2,000+
MI-00272021-Dec-26Suzuki Cup.Team Park Hang-seo Vietnam failed to advance to the Suzuki Cup finals 2 2 consecutive losses.MBC News 2,000+
MI-00262021-Dec-26Dawn.Criticizing the power of the people, Shin Ji-ye, “Resigning as the head of the youth division of the senior committee.”Yonhap News Agency 2,000+
MI-00252021-Dec-25The winner of the 995th lottery.Where is the winning area for the 995th lottery?Daily Korea 20,000+
MI-00242021-Dec-25BTSLee Yubi’s “Rumor of a romantic relationship with BTS Jung Kook”? It’s groundless.” [Official position]Maeil Economy 10,000+
MI-00232021-Dec-25James Webb.James Web, mankind’s largest space telescope, successfully launched – BBC News KoreaBBC News Korea 10,000+
MI-00222021-Dec-25Seo Ji Seung.Lee Si-eon and Seo Ji-seung became a couple after 4 years of dating. Revealing the wedding in Jeju.Chosun Ilbo 5,000+
MI-00212021-Dec-25Harry Potter[Fluff] Harry Potter, can I get insurance money for my parents’ death?Business Watch 5,000+
MI-00202021-Dec-25JiminBTS Jimin, smile with your cute eyes to convey the joy of your trip to Jeju.Chosun Ilbo 2,000+
MI-00192021-Dec-25Moon Jae InMoon Jae In President, “With Jesus coming, our hearts are warmer…”To each other…Maeil Economy 2,000+
MI-00182021-Dec-25SugaJin and RM, following BTS SUGA, are also infected… “Jin has cold and body aches.Hankook Ilbo 2,000+
MI-00172021-Dec-25Santa Claus.Where is Santa Claus?”…I asked Google,

13 Siblings” Nam Bo-ra “I paid for all the younger members’ academy fees…”Now, live my life”. (Comprehensive)
Korea Economy 2,000+
MI-00162021-Dec-25Blue purple.This shocking thing happened in my life…”News 1 2,000+
MI-00152021-Dec-25Bae Sungjae.Kim Hyesoo, who let go of her charisma. She’s a kid now.A 52-year-old who enjoys Christmas…Chosun Ilbo 2,000+
MI-00142021-Dec-25Kim Hyesoo.SF’s “Sea of Silence” ranked 7th on Netflix.Korea Economy 2,000+
MI-00132021-Dec-24The serene sea.One atom thick. The thinnest Christmas tree in the world.Chosun Beads 20,000+
MI-00122021-Dec-24ChristmasNew York House Leejin, how did you feel under the fancy lights? “Merry Christmas”.Chosun Ilbo 20,000+
MI-00112021-Dec-24Merry ChristmasOne atom thick. The thinnest Christmas tree in the world.Money Today 20,000+
MI-00102021-Dec-24Christmas tree.Did Santa stop by my house? “It’s 11:26 PM on the 24th. It’s over Seoul”.Chosun Ilbo 10,000+
MI-00092021-Dec-24Santa.You’re going to strangle your girlfriend?”Home Alone” Kevin hyung was arrested for assault. “Shock.”Chosun Ilbo 5,000+
MI-00082021-Dec-24Home AloneYang Hyeonjong left and Son Ahseop left…The number of franchise stars is decreasing.Chosun Ilbo 5,000+
MI-00072021-Dec-24Son Ahseop.New York House Leejin, how did you feel under the fancy lights? “Merry Christmas”.Maeil Economy 5,000+
MI-00062021-Dec-24Merry ChristmasKim Dongyeon transforms into a fish bun seller in front of the National Assembly on Christmas Eve.Money Today 5,000+
MI-00052021-Dec-24Christmas EvePresident Moon, “I will strive for a warmer world…””Wish you a merry Christmas”.Chosun Beads 5,000+
MI-00042021-Dec-24Christmas.The real reason I divorced Ha Risoo and Mickey Jung. “My only son vs. I’m afraid he’ll be cut off”.Chosun Ilbo 5,000+
MI-00032021-Dec-24Hari-soo.Lee Junseok “I’ll make room for hundreds of salaries?” “Kim Yongnam, filing a complaint with the party’s ethics committee”.Hankook Ilbo 2,000+
MI-00022021-Dec-24Kim Yong Nam.Lee Junseok “I’ll make room for hundreds of salaries?” “Kim Yongnam, filing a complaint with the party’s ethics committee”.Chosun Ilbo 2,000+
MI-00012021-Dec-24Jang Jewon.Lee Junseok pointed out Jang Jewon on “Yoon Hack Kwan” and said, “I’m going to block him.Kyunghyang Shinmun 2,000+


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