[Bitcoin market price] What’s Bitcoin? Cryptocurrency? The amount of information in COINMARKETCAP (the 1st encyclopedia in the cryptocurrency/virtual currency world)

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[ Bitcoin market price ] What’s Bitcoin?

It’s an obvious subject, but I write it down so that people I know and don’t know know know it.

News of the price fluctuation of Bitcoin has been delivered by numerous media outlets, but little data has been found on the surge.

I didn’t pay much attention because I heard the specificity of cryptocurrency and the dangers of cryptocurrency, and I just knew about a large amount of information whenever I heard the news from the media.

e.g., the amount of money that surpassed 30 million won, 50 million won, 70 million won, a sharp drop of 40 million won, and the collapse of 50 million won.

So I looked for it.

I looked around the site here and there, but I don’t think I saw the place described in detail as below.

1. CoinMarketCap – Sites like Encyclopedia of Cryptocurrency

1) For transparency, information disclosure, efficiency improvement, and scalability of cryptocurrency.

CoinMarketCap is the most frequently referenced website for cryptocurrency in a rapidly growing cryptocurrency space. The site’s mission is to provide consumers with high-quality and accurate information that is not biased to one side so that cryptocurrency can be discovered and efficient worldwide by drawing informed conclusions.

What I felt while looking at this site is that the amount of information is enormous.

There is information on each cliff, such as the issuance process of Bitcoin, history, the volume of transactions, and price changes.

It is also written in Korean.

If you are interested in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, I recommend you to go to CoinMarketCap and learn various information every day.

As everyone says, investment is one’s responsibility and no one is involved.

The words also work in the cryptocurrency market (the bitcoin market).

That’s why if you spend your money and invest, shouldn’t you have to take a deep look at the field and jump in?

The amount of information on that site is higher than any other bitcoin-related exchange in Korea.

Of course, if you go to each related link, there are many pages in foreign languages, but if you are interested, wouldn’t you be able to find information by using a translator?

If you visit that site at least once and look at the brilliant numbers, charts, and explanations of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, I think you will be able to know a little bit of the flow of this edition and this market.

Of course, it will be different from the currency in the market where cryptocurrency is normally distributed, but it is self-evident to become a person behind the times if you fail to jump on the world’s information and the trend or miss a little information.

Therefore, it is recommended to visit and take a look.

Addresses of various sites related to Bitcoin (cryptocurrency) can be secured.

The source of a lot of information related to Bitcoin (cryptocurrency) can be found.

You can see columns of numerous people related to Bitcoin (cryptocurrency).

You can see the live price data of Bitcoin (cryptocurrency).

Real-time price data of Bitcoin (cryptocurrency), explanation of cryptocurrency, background of birth, founder, special points, total distribution, wallet usage method, address creation method, transaction method, sending method, mining, etc.

When you press the price information of each cryptocurrency on the initial screen, information about each cryptocurrency comes out from the background of the cryptocurrency’s birth. It’s like an encyclopedia.

Total distribution supply and market capitalization by country.

-> This is a bit of unique information, and you can also see the figures of calculating and comparing the legal currency and cryptocurrency of each country.

-> You can also see data comparing the value of famous top companies with that of Bitcoin.


It summarizes notable information in the market, including trends, stocks that have fallen significantly, new stocks, stocks that have risen significantly, and stocks that have visited the most.

Past snapshot.

You can see on a weekly basis what the cryptocurrency market was like in the past, how many transactions volume and distribution volume was, and how the day fluctuated.

(Wow…) This is… Who made this? What are they doing?)

4) List of exchanges [Bitcoin (cryptocurrency)] – Cryptocurrency sites are the best…

Exchange refers to exchanges such as Bithumb and Coinone. You can show a list of major exchanges around the world and compare the market price for each currency.

* List showing the inclusion of bitcoin market prices.

The exchange’s name, trading score, trading volume (24 hours), liquidity, weekly visits, markets, coins, supported currencies, trading volume graphs, links, etc.

The order is listed based on the transaction score.

The world’s exchanges (not only Bitcoin market prices) seem to come out… (If you invest personally, it is recommended not to trade with the rest of the new exchanges other than the top exchanges registered over there.) – Because of “Eat and run and security issues”)

* Information is to find on the site, find a legal domestic exchange-traded, open a transaction account, and buy cryptocurrency in spot currency. (You can’t go to strange exchanges.)

5) NFT-related content-Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a data unit stored in the blockchain and refers to a unique and non-interchangeable token.

NFT can be used to represent photos, videos, audio, and other types of digital files.

It is rapidly growing as it is applied in areas such as (digital art, collections, goods in games, music, film, sports) to clarify ownership of digital files.

Since it is irreplaceable, copies are not recognized.

A copy of these digital items can be obtained by anyone, but the NFT must be tracked on the blockchain to prove copyright and ownership to the owner.

When purchasing/selling in the digital art-related market, it seems to have arisen from the inability to do anything about ownership (due to copy).

It shows the information on matters related to this NFT.

6) Portfolio tracker.

Market price/profit/loss of cryptocurrency – personalized information such as portfolio registration, etc., requires membership.

7) List of Interest – Tracking after signing up as a member.

8) Swap/Calculator (Cryptocurrency Exchange Calculator)/Mobile App

It provides Bitcoin market price calculators, mobile apps, blockchain explorers, job announcements, cryptocurrency APIs, and site widgets.

9) A lecture on cryptocurrency/bitcoin.

Alexandria / Video / Obtain / Learn / Market Update / News Letter

I think it will be enough to obtain knowledge, insights, and information on cryptocurrency.

[비트코인시세] 비트코인이 뭔가? 암호화폐는? CoinMarketCap의 정보량(암호화폐/가상화폐 계의 1등 백과사전 수준), 공부부터...
[Bitcoin market price] What’s Bitcoin? Cryptocurrency? The amount of information in CoinMarketCap (the first encyclopedia level in the cryptocurrency/virtual currency world) 

2. Finish it.

It bothers me that there are no articles on the money category, bitcoin, and bitcoin prices,

While I was thinking, I found this site while searching.

There was all the information I didn’t know in the world.

I was going to introduce it briefly, but what is this?

There was a variety of information that was not found on domestic trading sites such as Bithumb and Coinone, etc.

Due to the nature of the exchange, it had the disadvantage of not being able to obtain information such as prospects, possibilities, and marketability for cryptocurrency by containing only limited information, and that site solves it in one shot.

If you were interested in bitcoin market price and cryptocurrency, visit at least once.

However, it would be desirable to live on the site for about a week and “study” before investing.

Shouldn’t we reduce the amount of money we lose while investing in others due to lack of information?

Bitcoin (BTC) price, chart, market capitalization | Coin Market Cap (coinmarketcap.com)


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