[Best Readability Free font recommendation] KodiUD Ongodic Universal Design Font only 1. Example Usages

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[ Best Readability Free font recommendation ] KodiUD Ongodic Universal Design Handwriting. – Just 1.

1. I love the motivation and purpose of making fonts.

What is universal design?

  • It means a universal design that prevents users of goods, facilities and services from being constrained by gender, age, disability, etc.
    The movement to introduce the universal concept into the typeface has been moving little by little for more than a decade, starting with the Iwata typeface in Japan, and there is a lack of information and choice for the typeface that is easy for everyone to read.
    Therefore, the Korea Disabled People’s Development Institute is planning to develop and distribute universal design fonts that encompass the elderly and the low-visibility people.

“To make it easier for more people to read”

  • The KodiUD Ongothic font is a universal design concept that has been ‘made easier for more people to read’.
    It is a font designed to make it easy for the elderly, the elderly, the low vision, and the weak to recognize, and the existing Gothic typeface was analyzed in advance so that there was no problem in reading even in poor character situations such as small characters. By excluding decorative elements, it was designed to increase neutrality and to enhance the comfort of the Myeongjo, which is familiar for printing, even though it was a Gothic font.

Source: Universal Design Idea Contest (koddi.or.kr)

Related news: Able News – Free distribution of ‘KoddiUD On-Gothic’ font for low vision, etc. (ablenews.co.kr)

* Best Readability Free font recommendation – Design concept – cool.

image 43

2. FREE PONT RECOMMENDATION – KodiUD ONGODIC – Is commercial use possible?

image 41

1) Normal use – possible.

KodiUD Ongothic typeface is freely available for commercial and non-commercial design and secondary works.

2) Self-sell/distribution of typeface – prohibited

Of course, selling the font itself is prohibited.

3) Modifying typeface data – Restricting

Modification of typeface files to an extent that undermines design value is prohibited.

In other words, it is a font that does not have any restrictions on general use, such as general use as well as commercial painting/printing, and it should be widely used so that visually uncomfortable people can use it in a readable manner.

3. Example of using a font

1) Thumbnail

This font is also used in thumbnails on this site.

I happened to use this font, and I can see it really well.

The beauty of Han-gul’s unique writing style is also well seen.

I can see the letters very well.

image 42

2) Printing

Even if you print it, it’s readable and you can really see the font itself well.

Free Pont Recommendation for Readability-KoddiUD On-Gothic-Universal-Design-Western style-Just 1

from the top of the picture

I actually printed it out and took a picture of it.

1 – KoddiUD 온고딕 Regular

2 – KoddiUD 온고딕 Bold

3 – KoddiUD 온고딕 Extra

It’s a font.

4. Where do I get the font?

* Universal Design Idea Contest (koddi.or.kr)

You can get it from the UD Environmental Policy Planning Team site of the Universal Design and Environment Department of the Korea Disabled People’s Development Institute.

If you go to the site, you can find the links below.

You can receive a manual for font use, receive it by typeface OS, and install guide.

image 44

The Korea Disabled People’s Development Institute
The font is widely known and encouraged to be used by many people.

Let’s join together.

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