[Direct overseas purchases by Korea] 2014-2020.

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[ Direct overseas purchases by Korea ] 2014-2020.

Let’s look at the size of overseas direct purchases by country.

Direct overseas purchases by Korea, how many, we have to know it.

Then, we could make more opportunities with them.

What will be the national statistics of direct overseas purchases?

By country (continent)
(KRW 100 million)
the United States18,11617,68615,62312,86912,22512,28411,979
European Union (EU)10,3388,6036,2114,7703,6632,5491,606
oceanic liquor95686153227818911697
Middle East231410861010
Latin America2222510

○ Amount of direct overseas purchases of online shopping by country (continent) and product group
○ Inquiry period [year] 2014-2020
○ Source Statistics – Korea, Online Shopping Trend Survey
○ Date of data download 2022.01.15 15:09

1) United States

The undisputed No. 1 region since 2014.

For now, it seems natural, and it is Amazon’s power.

2) EU

China seemed to be second, but surprisingly, the European Union region is second.

3) China

Direct overseas purchases are being made in the order of the United States / Europe / China.

4) Japan

Although Japan is a close country, it is an area where the specialty is felt.

It is ranked fourth.

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Japan’s purchasing agency is said to be an area only known to people.

Just me, in Japan? That’s what makes me think that’s what I’m thinking.

Trade with Japan is said to be on the rise in recent years, although there are many ups and downs.

5) Oceania, Other, ASEAN, Middle East, Latin America

The rest of the regions, including the others, cannot exceed fourth place in total.

The volume of overseas direct purchase trade exceeded 4 trillion won in 2020, and the 2021 statistics release is expected to exceed 5 trillion won or around 5 trillion won.

This is proof that interest in overseas direct purchase is soaring.

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